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Swimsuit Guide.

Swimsuit Guide.

Let me start this by saying swimsuit shopping is one of the least favorite kinds of shopping. Not because I hate my body or anything like that, but because I literally can not find a bathing suit with a bottom that has more coverage than a thong to save my life. I've ordered and returned so many suits I stopped counting and the fact that I have boys really puts me at ease because I can't imagine my daughter parading around in something that small. Rant over!

So in my quest for the perfect coverage, I've settled on Aerie, Gap, Old Navy, Loft and Target. I've broken the swimsuits out into two categories, one pieces and two pieces. Last year I got on the high-waisted train and this year I'm considering the one piece comeback, even though my when I tried one on the other night my husband said "you look like a grandma"...thanks, babe!

Someone complimented me on an outfit a few weeks back and said "I could never pull that off." My prompt response to that remark was that you can pull anything off if you are confident and comfortable in what you are wearing. If you don't feel confident in what you're wearing, it shows in your posture. I feel the same way about swimsuits. I am a strong proponent of the school of thought that all women are beautiful and strong, no matter what shape. I'm hoping these swimsuits will make you feel that way!

The list prices for most of these suits is around $50 but with online promotions they are a little more affordable. A few of them are a little more expensive, but all under $100.

One pieces can sometimes be tricky because if you are long waisted like me.  J.Crew has a really good selection of one piece suits (with a long-torso option)  but they tend to be a little more expensive. If you aren't down with the list price maybe wait for a sale, which happens often. The quality is really great and if you feel beautiful in it, I'd say this is something you might want to splurge on.

The next set of one pieces is a collection from Gap, Old Navy and Loft which I've always found to fit pretty good and on the conservative side. They are all between $50 and $60 but are almost always on promotion.

I love each and every one of these two piece bikinis and wish I could get them all. But reality is life. Below are the ones from Aerie, which are all on sale with an additional $20 off your order this weekend with the promo code on the website. They can be mixed and matched in a bunch of different ways and the bottoms come is a variety of styles. If you like a pattern or color combination odds are there are a variety of choices so head over and take a look.

The last group of bikinis is from Old Navy and Gap. They are all currently 30 or 40% off and absolutely adorable.


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