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6 Things I Do Everyday To Set Myself Up For Success

6 Things I Do Everyday To Set Myself Up For Success

It’s taken me 32 years to learn what motivates me and helps keep my head on straight but over the last year I think I’ve finally figured it out. For as long as I can remember the laundry has always been billowing out of laundry baskets and dishes crowded the sink. My apartment floor in college looked like a bomb went off and I can’t say I participated in washing dishes very much. If you ask my college roommate, my sister, she would tell you I was a slob. Fast forward 10 years and a messy house, dishes in the sink and unmade beds make me absolutely crazy. Not because its not pretty to look at, but because of what it does to me internally. I am less patient and more scatterbrained when I don’t give myself a little time to prepare for the day. Here are the 5 things I do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to set myself up for success. I’m not saying that every day is successful in our house, but at least every day has the potential.

1. Wake up at least an hour before the kids

For me that means between 5:30 am and 6:00 am. That may or may not sound super early to you but trust me when I say the hour of peace and quiet to drink my coffee and start my day is the difference between cranky Annie and calm Annie. There is nothing worse to me than being woken up for the day by a tiny hand smacking me in the face. Talk about a rude awakening! Not only does this easy trick help me prepare for the day in a quiet house, it allows me to take a shower and get ready without someone banging on the door. If you decide to adopt this habit into your daily routine, you will likely be tired at first. Over time, your body will adjust and your internal clock will reset itself to wake you up. I’ve NEVER been a morning person, until now!

2. Make the beds

Studies show that making your bed every day is the first step to productivity. It gives you the feeling of success from the very first moments of the morning and starts you off on the right foot. For me, it goes beyond making my bed. I clean up all the bedrooms in the house. Undoubtedly the kids clothes from the day before are on their floor, my husband’s socks need to be thrown in the hamper and there are bottles from nighttime feedings in Banks’ room. It takes me at most 15 minutes but I go through each room and clean them all up.

3. Deal with the laundry

There was nothing worse than having to do 10 loads of laundry on a Saturday or that guilty feeling when your husband tells you he’s out of clean socks. That was me. Laundry got done maybe once a week and my husband started buying new underwear when he ran out. Let me just clarify that my husband knows how to do laundry and is willing to help but he works full time and his weekends off should not be spend folding clothes. Everyday, not necessarily in the morning because sometimes I don’t have time for this, I bring the laundry from the bedrooms to the laundry room downstairs. This does two things. 1.) I’m already down there so I start a load, and 2.) helps keep the bedrooms clean. I’m not saying that my started load will get dried, folded and put away within the hours of the day but hey, at least the potential is now there.

4. Plan meals

This doesn’t mean plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner every day but it does mean have an idea of what you’re going to eat so you don’t end up in the Wendy’s drive through at noon. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Wendy’s drive through but I find I make better food choices if I know what I’m going to eat before I eat it. I try to meal prep chicken on Sundays and I include it in salads, taco bowls, wraps and in a slew of other ways for lunch. I also hit up Costco or the grocery store on the weekends to grab food for dinner so I don’t have to run out during the week. Planning meals saves you from overspending at the grocery store and unexpected mid-week trips with rugrats in tow. If you already have an idea of what you’re eating, you know what you already have in your pantry and therefore don’t buy things you don’t need.

5. Get Dressed

There is scientific evidence that connects your productivity and your attire. I read an article in the Huffington Post last week that essentially said you are much more productive, whether it’s doing the laundry or selling real estate, when you get dressed. Obviously this is relative based on your job or tasks for the day but I certainly know I feel better about myself and am more productive when I’ve showered and gotten dressed for the day. Do you feel a difference in your productivity on days when you’ve taken a minute to put yourself together versus days when you stay in your pajamas or sweats?

6. Do a Bedtime Sweep

No, I don’t literally sweep the floors before I go to bed but I do take a sweep of the house and tidy up. This is anything from loading the dishwasher to arranging couch cushions and pillows to picking up toys that are lying around here and there. When I wake up the next morning, I want to walk past a perfectly put together living room and into a clean kitchen to make my coffee. I have 3 small children and this is the only time my house ever looks perfect so I savor it. It’s just how intended it to look for a short period in the morning before the tornado blows through.

I’m going to take a minute to level with you here. My baseboards are not usually clean, toilets and showers could use a good scrub and I am certain there is currently a fruit snack smashed into the living room rug so don’t get the idea that things are picture perfect at the Weller house. If these are the only things I do every day than I count that as a success. As long and my kids are happy and healthy it ultimately doesn’t matter that my pillows are arranged and if for some reason I couldn’t get to dealing with the laundry it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. These are just a few things I TRY to do that I know set me up for a successful day.

Are there things you do each day to help keep you on track. Do you have to get a workout in or mop your floors? Let me know in the comments below!

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